In this article we’re going to create Customer Management System. We’ll build CRUD Restful API’s.

I’ll try to explain everything along the way. I’m using Ubuntu 18.04 and Intellij IDE.

Please make sure needed tools installed. If Postresql is not installed you can install it from here for ubuntu:

I’ll not go into install and setup details. Let’s navigate to I’m going to use java 11, project maven and spring boot 2.4.3 versions. Let’s start to add dependencies we need for this project. …

At the beginning of my android development journey, I have built my first app.I thought it was ready to publish it in the play store. But when I tested it in another device, It didn’t behave the same,the view was bigger or not visible at all.

Android devices comes in all different shape/sizes yo your layout,views needs to be flexiable. Yes, you’ll not face this problem if you use only match_parent etc attributes but if you wanna used fixed value it’s going to occur.

There’s plenty way to solve that issue but if you’re beginner it might be too complex…

Hasan Çobanoğlu

Life-long learner, Developer and traveler.

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